Application of aluminum honeycomb panel on Railway
Jul 13, 2017

As a lightweight aluminum honeycomb panel materials are widely used in aviation, railway vehicles abroad had been used, its use is quite extensive, China began to use aluminum honeycomb panel in recent years only, despite a certain effect, its application scope is limited, the scope of knowledge and characteristics application of honeycomb sandwich materials need to be further strengthen and expand.

In China, the application of aluminum honeycomb panel is the first production of 25A type soft sleeper compartment wall, because at the time of the master manufacturing technology is not in place, the application effect is not very ideal. Therefore, it can not continue to be popularized and applied in the next 25 type passenger cars. At the end of twentieth Century, due to higher demand for lightweight vehicles in the EMU in the development process, the first prototype in the EMU on the domestic application of aluminum honeycomb panel made flat plate and wall, door panel, and achieved good results. Subsequently, a large area of application of aluminum honeycomb panel, only by aluminium honeycomb board made flat plate, wall, car equipment under the cabin floor and door panel.

With aluminum honeycomb panel manufacturing air conditioning duct and the air conditioning unit dome, which asked the application effect of wall, flat plate, air duct and air conditioning unit dome is the most significant, not only greatly reduce the quality of the relevant parts, to achieve the overall vehicle weight, and manufacturing precision and high quality. The components, thus improving the quality of vehicle manufacturing. However, it is the CRH series EMU that has made a breakthrough in the application of the aluminum honeycomb panel. In recent years, with the deepening of CRH series EMU localization process, has been able to use domestic manufacturing processing technology of aluminum honeycomb board shape complex parts, reached a higher level in the aluminum honeycomb panel manufacturing and application field.

Mastering the characteristics and application design method of aluminum honeycomb panel can further enlarge the application range of aluminum honeycomb panel, and further promote the lightweight of railway vehicle.

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