Aluminum Honeycomb Panel, The Development Direction of New Building Materials
Jun 07, 2018

As a large professional aluminum honeycomb panel manufacturer, HWSTRONGER  has been committed to aluminum honeycomb composite materials and it's applications. we are the pioneer enterprisesin the field of aluminum honeycomb composite materials , based on high-quality products, focusing on customer demand-oriented services, and are ready to meet your needs for all kinds of metal buildings.

Scientifically, it is proved that the honeycomb structure with a positive hexagonal body has the characteristics of high strength, light weight, strong structure stability, heat insulation, sound insulation and cost-effective, so it has been widely used in the High-tech fields such as aviation and aerospace. In the past 20 years, with the continuous development of economy and technology, and based on the requirements of energy conservation and environmental protection, honeycomb structure products have been increased applied to the civil field.

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We use European advanced production technology and high quality raw materials, in combination with the domestic construction installation, decoration market demand, the development and production of aluminum honeycomb panels, stone honeycomb panels, stainless steel honeycomb panels, copper honeycomb panels, wooden honeycomb panels, glass honeycomb panels, fiberglass honeycomb panels and other series of honeycomb structure products, and combined with different applications, different architectural style requirements, such as multiple-category Honeycomb board system.


HWSTRONGER aluminum honeycomb panel adopts "honeycomb sandwich" structure, which is characterized by high strength alloy aluminum plate as surface, bottom plate and aluminum honeycomb core by high temperature and high pressure compound manufacture, which has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, good rigidity, strong corrosion resistance and stable performance. Because the air layer between the surface and the bottom plate is separated into many closed holes by the honeycomb, the heat and sound wave propagation is greatly limited, compared with other curtain wall decoration materials, the aluminum Honeycomb panel has good insulation and heat insulation performance. Aluminum Honeycomb plate belongs to all aluminum manufacturing, surface, floor, core materials are high-strength alloy aluminum, is green environmental protection products, easy to recover, is the future development of new building materials

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