Aluminum Honeycomb Panel Prices
May 28, 2018

Aluminium honeycomb panels, with it's good propertities of lightweight, high strength and fire retardant, has been a popular metal cladding materials. But what's the honeycomb panel wall cladding price compared to traditional metal wall claddings such as aluminium plate and aluminium composite panels? Today we would like to talk about the aluminium honeycomb panel prices in Chinese market.

Aluminium honeycomb panels, composed of two aluminum sheets on both skins and hexagonal honeycomb core in between, can be manufactured to larger sizes than solid aluminium plate and ACP panels. Aluminium honeycomb panel price mainly depend on it's aluminium skin thickness, skin finish and the panel thickness. Mill finish aluminium honeycomb panel price is the most cheap one. For example, 10mm thickness aluminium honeycomb panel with 0.5mm mill finish aluminum skin, price is only about USD20 per square meter. But the same thick panel with color coated aluminum skin will costs much more. Color coated aluminium honeycomb panel mainly divided into interior use and exterior ue. Normally speaking, interior used honeycomb panel price is cheaper than exterior used honeycomb panel.

Aluminium honeycomb panels are easily to be manufactured into different shapes. Aluminum honeycomb panel with trimmed edges is the most cheaper one. Aluminium honeycomb panel with folded edges price will be a little higher. Flat honeycomb panel price is cheaper than curved honeycomb panel. Besides, aluminium honeycomb panel can be CNC cutted into different shapes like round, hexagonal, which price will be higher than basically trimmed square honeycomb panels.

Genrally speaking, aluminium honeycomb panel price ranges from USD15 to USD35 according to the specifications required. If you want to get accurate price of aluminium honeycomb panels, welcome to contact us at 

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