Aluminium Honeycomb Product Used for Doors
Oct 14, 2017

Aluminum honeycomb is a new, rather strong, high-quality composite material, which overcomes the disadvantages typical for composite materials as low strength, susceptibility to damage due to mechanical impact, complexity of production, high cost.

Aluminum honeycomb is an innovative material developed in the 20th century to reduce the weight of structures while maintaining the necessary characteristics. The numerous advantages of the material include low weight, resistance to compression and stretching, resistance to fire, corrosion resistance, vibration and sound insulation.

The lightweight, high strength, fireproof, recyclable and vibration and sound insulation propertity makes aluminum honeycomb core as a perfect choice for door infillers to reduce the weight of doors and environmental friendly.

Aluminium honeycomb core used for doors are in thickness of at least 30mm, normally used thickness are 38mm, and even 50mm. Honeycomb core sheet size can be customized acccording to the door sizes.

Aluminium honeycomb cores can be used for both metal and non-metal door infillers.

The finished aluminium honeycomb composite panels can be used directly for door panels. The surface can be coated or corrosion resistance and in different colors. Honeycomb panel door is a kind of eco door that saves energy and material cost as it is 100% recyclable.

HPL honeycomb panels .jpg


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