Aluminium Honeycomb Panels used for Roofs
Nov 14, 2017

The double-layer metal roofing system effectively combines the honeycomb panel and the aluminum-magnesium-manganese upright locking edge roofing system into an organic whole. By utilizing the special node structure of the upright locking edge panel rib, the honeycomb panel, Fixed on the T-shaped high-strength aluminum bearings, T-shaped high-strength aluminum bearings to the metal roof load transfer to the structural keel, the roof force transmission clear, reasonable structure to ensure that the roof overall stiffness and bearing capacity.

Our company provides the world's original system with a comprehensive roof system - two-story structure of metal roofing system, metal roofing double-layer structure of the upper system for the decorative layer, to achieve a smooth and smooth appearance of the decorative sheet with Deco Continuous Heat Composite high-quality honeycomb panels; the lower system for the vertical lock metal roofing system, mainly to achieve the roof insulation, noise noise, waterproof, natural circulation ventilation function requirements.

Our roofing system decorative aluminum honeycomb panel manufacturing technology from the aviation manufacturing industry, we introduce advanced vacuum thermal composite technology and many years of aluminum forming technology, so excellent manufacturing technology and high quality materials, making our products endure durable.

Products from the panel material, shape, seams, installation systems to color, surface treatment for the architect to provide a wealth of choices, to show a wealth of performance results, with excellent design freedom. Aluminum honeycomb panels undergo rigorous weatherability tests to protect buildings from harsh weather and noise,

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