Advantages of Stone Honeycomb Composite Panels
Aug 25, 2017

Stone honeycomb composite board has the following characteristics:

1. Light weight:

With aluminum honeycomb board back, marble stones can be as thin as 5mm, commonly used other tiles like granite can be 7-10mm thick when composite with honeycomb board. This can save a lot of shipping cost. And with the thin stones, weight has been reduced much, so it is the best choice for buildings have load limitation.

2. Increased Strength:

With composition with aluminum honeycomb board, the bending strength, folding strength and shear strength are all significantly improved, thus can greatly reduce the breaking rate during transportation, installation and use process.

3. Improved anti-pollution ability:

Ordinary marble original board (whole body board) in the course of the installation or after the use of the process, such as cement wet paste, it is likely that six months or a year later, the marble surface a variety of discoloration and stains, very difficult to remove. Composite board because of its floor more hard and dense, while there is a layer of thin layer, to avoid this happen.

4. Easier to control color:

The marble composite sheet is cut into 3 pieces or 4 pieces into 3m2 or 4m2 with 1m2 original plate (whole body plate). This 3,4m2 pattern and color almost 100% of the same, and thus easier to ensure that a large area of use, the color and pattern of consistency.

5. Easy to install:

With the above characteristics, in the installation process, regardless of weight, easy to break (strength, etc.) or color splicing are greatly improved the installation efficiency and safety, but also reduces the installation costs.

6. Break the restricted area:

Marble decorative parts, whether inside and outside the wall, the ground, windowsill, porch, desktop, etc., the original original board (whole body board) are not problems, only the ceiling, whether marble or granite, any decoration company are not dare not May take the risk. While the marble and aluminum-plastic panels, aluminum honeycomb adhesive after the composite board to break through the stone decoration of the restricted area. Because it is very light, the weight of only the whole body board 1/5 to 1/10. To decorate the ceiling with stone it is none other than it.

7. Sound insulation, moisture:

With aluminum honeycomb panels and marble made of composite panels, because of its use of the hexagonal side made of hollow aluminum bee core with sound insulation, moisture, heat, cold performance. Thus, these features far beyond the performance of the whole body board does not have the characteristics.

8. Energy saving, consumption:

Stone aluminum honeycomb panels because of its sound insulation, moisture, heat insulation performance, therefore, after installation in the indoor and outdoor can greatly reduce the consumption of electricity and heat.

9. Reduce costs:

Because the stone composite thinner, in the transport installation to save a part of the cost, but also for the more expensive stone varieties, made after the composite board to varying degrees than the original plate of the finished product price is low.

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