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Fiberglass Honeycomb Panels

Fiberglass Aluminum Honeycomb Panels For Stone Composite

Fiberglass skin with aluminum honeycomb core inside for further lamination with stones
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1. Introduction of Fiberglass Honeycomb Panels

HWSTRONGER Fiberglass Honeycomb Panels are ideal panels for a wide range of applications where a flat, lightweight and rigid panel is required. They are manufactured by ‘sandwiching’ an ALUMINUM honeycomb core between two layers of fiberglass sheets. By separating the fiberglass skin with an aluminum honeycomb core, these sandwich panels offer greater strength properties than those of the skins alone.

Using fiberglass sheet for the outer layers creates structural skins that offer high strength, moderate tensile strength and compressive strength, dimensional stability, design flexibility and excellent electrical resistivity. Our sandwich panels are cured with high temperature and under pressure resulting in fully consolidated fiberglass skins that are completely bonded to the aluminum honeycomb core.

The fiberglass skin can be made in woven structure with rough surface for further lamination such as for bonding of stone veneer, ceramic tiles and etc.


2. Specifications available:
Standard panel size: 1220x2440mm
Regular Used size: 1500x3000mm
Regular thickness: 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, any thickness between 6mm to 300mm can be customized.

Max. size: 2500x10000mm

3. Features:
Light weight;
High Rigidity;
Heat insulation;
Sound and vibration reduction;
Water, moisture, corrosion and chemical resistant;
Environmental protection;

4. Applications:
To be used for vehicle bodies, floors, ceilings, or for further composition with decorative surface materials, natural stone veneer, ceramic tiles and etc.

fiberglass honeycomb panel composite with stones.jpg 

5. Packaging and Delivery:
Panels will be protected with foam and packed in export grade plywood crates.
Regular delivery time is 15 days after receipt of advance payment.

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