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Aluminum Honeycomb Panels

Yellow Color Aluminium Honeycomb Panels For Exterior Wall Envelope

Fireproof Building Materials Aluminum Honeycomb Panels for Interior and Exterior Wall Envelopes
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What is aluminum honeycomb panel?

Aluminium honeycomb panel is made by two aluminum sheet bonded together with an aluminum honeycomb core inside. The honeycomb core is made from layers of aluminum foil glued and pressed to form an honeycomb structure. The honeycomb structure is a lightweight, high strength and very stable material which gives the sandwiched panel good rigidity, lightweight, and super flatness.

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Why use aluminium honeycomb panels?

Aluminium honeycomb panels are increasingly used for building decoration industry in both interior and exterior wall decoration. Using as wall envelopes, aluminium honeycomb panels has many advantages compared with traditional materials like aluminum composite panels and aluminum veneers.

  1. Light weight. Standard aluminum honeycomb panels in 10mm thickness weighs only about 4kg/m2.

  2. High rigidity and super flatness.

  3. Fireproof, HWSTRONGER aluminum honeycomb panel is A2 fire retardant material.

  4. 100% recyclable, environmental friendly.

  5. Good sound and heat insulation.

  6. Easy cleaning and maintainance.

  7. Easy installation, man work saving.

  8. A variety of colors and designs, special shape like curved, angled are available.

  9. Easy for further processing. You can buy standard panel and cut or do further bonding at your site.

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PE coated wood grain aluminum honyecomb panels with sealed edges.jpgstone look aluminum honeycomb panels - 副本.jpg

What are the dimensions?

HWSTRONGER manufacture a wide range of honeycomb panels in different finish and sizes.

Skin material: Aluminum alloy 3003H24. Other materials like stainless steel, fiberglass are available

Skin thickness: from 0.3mm to 5.0mm

Panel thickness: from 4mm to 500mm

Panel size: standard 4ftx8ft, 1220x2440mm, max. size can be up to 2000x10000mm

Surface finish: mill finish for further bonding, PVDF coated for exterior use, PE coated for indoor use, epoxy primer coating for further process.

Colors: Any RAL color, or any color you can imagine, special look such as stone grain and wood grain is customized.

Edges: Sealed edges or open edges


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