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Aluminum Honeycomb Panels

PVDF Coated Customize Color Aluminum Honeycomb Panels

PVDF Coated Customize Color Aluminum Honeycomb Panels

PVDF coated aluminum honeycomb panels for external wall decoration
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 PVDF Coated Customize Color Aluminum Honeycomb Panels

Aluminum honeycomb panel is made of two aluminum skin with aluminum honeycomb core inside.

The aluminum skin is roller coated with PVDF/PE painting in different colors.

PVDF coated honeycomb panel is for exterior use with a lifespan of 20 years. Recommended thickness is 20mm or 25mm.

PE coated honeycomb panel is for indoor use, recommended thickness is 10mm and 15mm.

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Available honeycomb panel size, panel thickness and colors:

HWSTRONGER customize the panels for customers with various application.

Standard panel size is 4ftx8ft, 1220x2440mm, we can make panel size up to 2000x10000mm with certain quantity.

Overall panel thickness from 4mm to 300mm.

Common used panel thickness: 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 20mm, 25mm and 30mm.

Available colors: Any color in RAL chart, besides, we can do stone color and wood color.

Technical data sheet of 20mm and 25mm aluminum honeycomb panels:

Testing sample thickness:   20mm / 25mm ( skin 1.0+1.0) :  




Front aluminium panel 


Back aluminium panel 


Weight (kg/m2)



Mechanical Property of   composite panel and panel

Inertia   Moment           I (cm4/m)



Section   Modulus       W (cm3/m)



Rigidity of Composite   panel      E.I (KN cm2/m)



Aluminum profile panel

AA 5754A(ALMg3)

Modulus of Elasticity (N/mm2)


Tensile Strength of facing panel   (N/mm2)

Rm ≥ 220

0.2% Yield Stress(N/mm2)

Rp0.2 ≥ 130

Extensibility   (EN485-2:1194)

A50 ≥ 8

Aluminum linear thermal   expansion

2.4mm/m when the temperature   difference is 100ºC

Surface decoration layer

PVDF Spray Baking finish

Glossiness   (original   Data)


Hardness of pencil


Core of Honeycomb

Size of honeycomb



About 80kg/m3

Compression Strength     (MILL-STD-401)


Function of Acoustics

Data of sound   absorption               As


Factor of sound   insulation     According to ISO717-RW



Function of Heating

Data of Heat   Conduction      λ*(w/m2k)



Data of Thermal   Insulation    R(1/m)    (m2k/w)



Data of Heat   Transmission   U(k)      (w/m2k)



Why use aluminum honeycomb panels?

1.Green material, environmental firendly and energy-saving.

Aluminum honeycomb panel is made of whole aluminum alloy which is 100% recyclable, it is a kind of green, environmental protection and energy saving new building materials, also known as the best curtain wall building materials in the twenty-first century.  

2. High strength, good rigidity,high stability, stable layout, good wind resistance.

Aluminum honeycomb panel with its light weight, high strength, high stiffness and many other advantages, has been widely used in the building interior and exterior decoration. 

Taken aluminum honeycomb core as the sandwich material, the weight of aluminum honeycomb panel is only 1/5 of aluminum plate and 1/10 of steel plate. The interconnected honeycomb core structure is like numerous 工 shape beams, distributed in the entire aluminum Honeycomb panels to make the honeycomb panel not easy to shear, and the whole panel more stable.

Besides, aluminum honeycomb panel has much more wind load capacity than the aluminum plate and aluminum composite panels, and is not easy to deformation, even in very large size the honeycomb panel can keep super flatness.

3. Sound insulation, heat insulation, fire and shock resistance

After composition, the honeycomb core inside is like numbers of closed room, the honeycomb wall can block the air flow, so the heat and sound waves are not easy to convey, the sound dampening of 100-3200HZ source can reach 20-30DB. The thermal conductivity is can be lower than 2.25 入*(w/m2k).

In the event of heavy rain, the raindrops hit the aluminum veneer or aluminum composite panel will cause much noise, by using aluminium honeycomb panel the noise will be greatly reduced.

4.Colorful and durable surface finish.

The skin of HWSTRONGER aluminum honeycomb panel is roller coated with PVDF coating which can be in hundeds of colors and can be durable for more than 15 years in outdoor use.

Colorful aluminum honeycomb panels for curtain walls.png

Applications of aluminum honeycomb panels:

Aluminum honeycomb panels can be used in a variety of fields including wall materials, interior decoration, ceiling, partition, furniture industry, ship hull building and ship decoration, vehicle building, lift and elevator, Train and high speed subway. 

PVDF coated aluminum honeycomb panel usually used for exterior wall claddings.

aluminum honeycomb panel for wall claddings.png

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