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Aluminum Honeycomb Panels

Blue Color Aluminum Honeycomb Panels

Blue Color PVDF Coated Aluminium Honeycomb Panels for Exterior Wall Cladding
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Blue Color Aluminum Honeycomb Panels

The blue color aluminium honeycomb panel is composed of 1.0mm PVDF coated aluminum top skin and 0.7mm mill finish aluminum back skin sandwiched with hexagonal aluminum honeycomb core.

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HWSTRONGER aluminum honeycomb panel use high quality industry aluminum alloy for both panel skins and cores. All materials made from 3003 series alloy. Glue used is epoxy or polyurethane for high temperature resistance. Our glue doesn't contain any toxical chemicals and with low flame under burning.

The top skin of the aluminum honeycomb panels for exterior wall cladding use should be coated with PVDF painting, at least 2 layer coating. The PVDF coated surface is weather resistant and is durable for 15-20 years for outdoor use. The back skin is usually in mill finish for cost-saving, or in primer coating for corrosion resistance.

For exterior use, we recommend at least 20mm thick honeycomb panels to ensure the panel strength and wind resistance. Our national standard for wall cladding used honeycomb panel is in 25mm thickness.

Standard panel size of aluminum honeycomb panel is 4ft by 8ft, 1220x2440mm. But most of the time we customize the panel size at customer's request. Maxmum size we can do with sealed edges is 1800x6000mm, while the maxmum size with trimed edges is 2000x10000mm.

Panel width exceed 1520mm need larger quantity cause normal width of aluminum coil in the market is within 1520mm. 

Product Characteristics:
1.Light body but solid quality. light weight and great intensity( tensile strength>4.2Mpa), large load capacity. High specific strength and rigidity,not stable structure not easy to deformation.
2.With the soundproof, anti-vibration, humidity-proof and fireproof functions.
3.Easy to install and maintain.
4.Reduce loading of the building and construction cost.
5.Coating is anti-corrosion and weather resistance, long lifespan .
6.Magnificent appearane, there are a wide range of colors and you can have various designs.

Parameters of aluminum honeycomb panels:

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Application of Aluminum Honeycomb Panel:

  1. Kitchen Cabinets and Toilet Door & Partition;

  2. Elevator;

  3. Subway, High-speed Train;

  4. Wall Material (Interior, Exterior Cladding);

  5. Ship Decoration and Train Ceiling;

  6. Truck Body, container body;

  7. Display and Exhibits, honeycomb panel advertising board;

  8. Furniture for Vessel and Cloth chest for Vessel;

  9. Bus-stop Shelter;

  10. Auto Part.

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