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Aluminum Honeycomb Panels

50mm-100mm Aluminum Honeycomb Panels For Tank Covers

50mm-100mm Aluminum Honeycomb Panels For Tank Covers

3003 alloy Made Aluminium Honeycomb Panels for Tank Floating Roofs and Tank Covers
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Aluminium Honeycomb panel is consists of strain-hardened hexagonal shape of honeycomb core and two sheets of metal surfaces. Its high strength to weight ratio and excellent resistance to deflection enables it to be used as tank floating covers.

Normal aluminium honeycomb panels used for tank covers are in more thickness than used in building decorations. 50mm total thickness and 100mm thickness are commonly used.
Normal aluminum skins are in 0.8 mm or 1.0mm thicknesswith mill finish.  Aluminum skins are minimum of 0.5mm and up to 5.0 mm thickness.  However, this specification depends on the customers requirements.  

Aluminiun used for both cores and skins are in high quality 3003 industry alloy. Primer coating is also available at your request.

Benefits you will get from using aluminum honeycomb panel tank covers:

1. Floats in full surface contact with the liquid, eliminating a free liquid surface and formation of hazardous trapped vapors.

2. Aluminum honeycomb panels are lightweight composite panel, it is inherently buoyant and can float heavy loads.

3. Non-combustible. The aluminum, non-combustible construction of the honeycomb panel floating roof will not burn and the full surface contact provides outstanding fire safety characteristics.

4. Minimizes evaporation losses. Since the honeycomb panel roof floats in full surface contact with the liquid, there is no free liquid from which evaporation could occur.  

5. No leakage. The aluminium honeycomb panels are compressed and made as a sealed box, the corners are welded to prevent oil leakage.

6. Reduces air pollution. Except for minimal losses occurring around the seals at the tank shell and fixed roof support columns, the air space above the honeycomb panel roof is free of hydrocarbon vapors. The system meets all federal, state and local air quality regulations.

6. Provides great economy. The aluminum honeycomb roof system reduces the costs of installation, maintenance and downtime. The modular design and quality construction assures a long service life. In addition, the elimination of evaporation reduces production losses, increases profits and results in a quick return on your investment.

7. Easy installation, large size are available. The biggest size we can manufacture is 2000x10000mm.


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