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Aluminum Honeycomb Panels

Perforated Aluminum Honeycomb Panels

The wood color aluminum honeycomb panel is in total thickness of 10mm or 12mm for ceiling use.
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Perforated Aluminum Honeycomb Panels

The wood color perforated aluminum honeycomb panel is in total thickness of 10mm or 12mm for ceiling use.

Top skin: 1.0mm PE coated aluminum sheet, wood color

Back skin: 0.7mm bare aluminum

Core: aluminum honeycomb core

The aluminum skin sheet and aluminum honeycomb core are both made of high quality 3003 series alloy.

Standard honeycomb panel size is 1220x2440mm, but any other within 1500x6000mm can be customized.

The four edges of the honeycomb panels are sealed by folding and gluing.

Perforation on the top skin is available for soundproof purpose. To prevent the glue come out, there is a non-woven fabric cloth between the aluminum skin and honeycomb cores.

Different panel size, panel thickness, surface finish and color, and panel shapes can be customized to your orders.

wood color perforated aluminum honeycomb ceilings panels.jpg

wood color perforated aluminum honeycomb panels.jpg

Application of perforated aluminum honeycomb panels:

Perforated aluminum honeycomb panels are always used for interior ceilings.

Perforated aluminum honeycomb panels has many advantages compared to traditional ceilings tiles:

1. Traditional ceiling tiles  are composed of one layer aluminum sheet therefore the panel size is limited to smaller sizes like 600x600mm. Aluminum honeycomb ceiling panels are composite materials, usually in 10mm and 12mm, so it can be made to larger sizes up to 1500x6000mm.

2. Aluminum honeycomb ceiling panel has super flatness and higher strength than traditional ceiling tiles due to its honeycomb composite structure.

3. Durable colors and longer lifespan. Our aluminum honeycomb ceiling panel surface is made of roller coated aluminum sheet, not powder coating surface. The color of roller coated aluminum skin is more durable than powder coated aluminum ceiling tiles, and it has longer liferspan since the color, structure are more stable.

4. Aluminum honeycomb panels used for ceilings are perforated with woven fabrics inside which has good soundproof propertity.

White color perforated honeycomb ceiling panels

white color perforated honeycomb panels.png


Sliver grey color perforated aluminum honeycomb panels for ceiling use

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