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FRP PP Honeycomb Panels

Gel Coat Fiberglass Polypropylene Honeycomb Sandwich Panels

Gel Coated Fiberglass Honeycomb Sandwich Panels for Truck Bodies, Trailers, Ships
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Introduction of GRP Honeycomb Panels

Our GRP Honeycomb panel is made of inner and outer fiberglass sheets as skins and polypropylene honeycomb inside as the core. The fiberglass skins are gel coated with different color available.

PP Honeycomb core is a polypropylene honeycomb material that combines lightweight, strength and resilience. It is suitable for a wide variety of sandwich core applictaions in marine, rail transportation and construction industry. It also has excellent sound damping properties.

The PP honeycomb core used for sandwich core material is usually with a non-woven veil to be better bonded to skin sheets.


Techinical Data Sheet of the PP honeycomb core


Advantages of the GRP Honeycomb Panels

1. High strength but HALF the weight of conventional FRP/GRP plywood sandwich panel
2.Outstanding and smooth appearance, aesthetically pleasing and ideal for sign writing
3. Remarkably easy to maintain and keep clean, quick to assemble
4. Will remain "white" year after year
5. UV and corrosion resistant
6. Long life

Applications of the Gel Coat PP Honeycomb Sandwich Panels

  1. Dry freight truck bodies, trailers, refrigerated trucks                                 

  2. Prefabricated houses, mobile houses

  3. Exterior walls of commercial buildings

  4. Indoor swimming pool buildings

  5. Toilets, shower compartments etc. 



Data Sheet of the GRP Honeycomb Panels

1Static strength  Mpa≥                     18
2Elastic modulus  Mpa≥                       1500
3Barcol hardness  ≥                          40
4 Impact strength  KJ/m²                      50
5 Edgewise compressive strength  Mpa≥       10
6 Flatwise tension strength  Kpa≥            450
7 Flatwise compression strength  Mpa≥        1.5


No.Panel's thickness(mm)Weight(kg/m2)


Available Dimensions:

Max. panel size: 2800x10000mm

Standard Panel size: 1220x2440mm

Panel thickness: From 8mm to 200mm, regular thickness 18mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, 35mm.

Fiberglass skin thickness: Gel coated FRP skin min. thickness 1.2mm, regular used thickness is 1.5mm and 2.0mm.

Color: White color, blue color, grey color and any customize color of RAL color chart

Beside the GRP honeycomb panels, we also manufacturer FRP plywood sandwich panels, FRP foam sandwich panels like XPS, PU, EPS or PET foam.

Please contact us with your detailed requirements, we can customize the panel thickness, panel size, colors and other parts according to your applications.

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