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Aluminum Honeycomb Core

Unexpanded 3003/5052 Alloy Made High Strength Aluminium Honeycomb Cores For Composite Panels

High quality aluminium honeycomb cores made of 3003 alloy and 5052 alloy for composite panels
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We started to produce aluminium honeycomb cores in late 1990s, one of the first commercial honeycomb core manufacturers in China.

Our aluminium honeycomb cores are made of high quality industrial aluminium alloy 3003 and 5052, other grade alloy is also available at your request.

We have 7 automatic honeycomb core production lines. Gluing machines, compress machines, and cutting machines.

Usually the honeycomb cores are sold shipped in unexpanded slices and packed in export grade plywood crates.

We can supply a variety of dimensions and cell sizes. 

Advantages of HWSTRONGER honeycomb core:

Very sharp holes and the hexagonal shape is straight after expansion.

Wide range of specifications

Lightweight but with good strength

Non combustible

100% recyclable

Low thermal conductivity and heat insulation

Applicable to wide range of industries, including building, decoration,transportation,lighting industry,appliances and etc.

Unexpanded honeycomb cores

unexpanded aluminum honeycomb cores (2).jpg

Expanded honeycomb core sheet

expanded honeycomb cores.jpg

Our packaging:

unexpanded aluminum honeycomb cores.jpg

Delivery time:

For quantity less than 1000m2 our production time is 7 days.

For quantity more than 1000m2 delivery time is 10 days.

We can produce 80000m2 per month.


Q: Do you offer samples? if so is it free?

A: Yes we offer free samples, you just pay the courier cost.

Q: What's your MOQ?

A: Normally our MOQ is 100m2. But that depends on your required dimensions and our stock materials. If we have stock materials to produce, order less than MOQ is also acceptable.

Q: How to get a quote?

A: You can email us(email address ) details of your requirement such as cell size, height/thickness and sheet size after expansion. We will reply within 24 hours.

Q: Do you have QC system to ensure the quality?

A: Yes we have our QC to inspect every process of the production. If neccessary we also offer quality guarantee for your order.

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