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Aluminum Honeycomb Core

Railway Used High Strength Aluminum Honeycomb Cores

High quality 3003/5052 alloy honeycomb cores, fireproof aluminum honeycomb cores, high strength honeycomb core for decorative composite materials, China top qualitty aluminium honeycomb cores at best prices
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HWSTRONGER aluminum honeycomb manufactured from 3003 and 5052 aluminium alloy foil.

Aluminium foil after gluing, piles, and high temperature composition, will form the aluminum honeycomb blocks.

The block then will be cut into slices, and expanded into aluminum honeycomb sheet.

Aluminum honeycomb core are hexagonal structure with sharp and clear wall, super flatness,and high strength which is perfect core material for bonding with aluminum sheet, stainless steel sheet and other surface materials.

The  walls of the honeycomb structure are like "工" shape beams that can discentralize the presure and even the pressure on the panel surface. This property enable the honeycomb panel to keep super flatness even in large panel size. Moreover, the honeycomb hollow structure can reduce thermal expansion of the panel.

Usually our honeycomb core is sold and shipped in unexpanded slices.

The expanded sizes will be more than your required sizes when you expand it.

The shipping of unexpanded slices can greatly save shipping space and shipping costs for you.

Aluminum honeycomb manufacturing process.jpg

production process of honeycomb core.jpg

Specifications Available:

Cell size
Foil thickness
Max Size
1.5 1/100.03 /0.041200x1500
1.831/80.04 1600x2000
0.06 1600x1600
21/80.04 1600x2000
0.06 1600x1600
0.04 1600x2200
0.06 1600x2000
0.04 1600x2400
0.06 1600x2200
0.08 1600x2000
0.10 1600x1800
0.04 1600x3100
0.06 1600x2400
0.08 1600x2200
0.10 1600x2000
0.04 1600x4000
0.06 1600x3000
0.08 1600x2200
0.10 1600x2000
0.04 1600x4600
0.06 1600x3200
0.08 1600x2800
0.10 1600x2400
0.04 1600x6000
0.06 1600x4000
0.04 1600x7500
0.06 1600x5000
0.04 1600x9000
0.06 1600x6000
0.04 1600x12000
0.06 1600x7500
201+3/80.04 1600x15000
0.06 1600x100000
3020.04 1600x20000
0.06 1600x15000

Features of HWSTRONGER honeycomb core:

High strength

High fatness

Light weight

Low thermal conductivity

Sound insulation


Wide applications

With the above propertities, aluminum honeycomb cores can be applicated in:

Used as core material for decorative composite panels:
Aluminum honeycomb wall cladding panels, aluminum honeycomb ceiling panels, aluminum honeycomb floor panels, aluminum honeycomb partiton panels, aluminum fireroof door panels, clearomm wall panels and ceiling panels, stone honeycomb composite panels and etc.;
Home Appliance:

Catalyst network of air conditioner, air purifier for refrigerator
Lighting Fixture:
Lighting grille, lighting louver
Transportation Industry:

Core material for walls, ceilings, partitions and floor panels in railway, subway and ships.  

Furniture top, cabinet, tables and etc.

high quality aluminum honeycomb cores.jpg

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