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Honeycomb Louver

Round Shaped Black Painted Aluminium Honeycomb Louver

Square shaped, round shaped aluminium honeycomb cores used for light fixture, black color golden color are available.
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HWSTRONGER aluminum honeycomb core is a kind of high quality material with cheap price. Our honeycomb panels are made from high quality aluminium alloy foil 3003H18 and 5052H18. The honeycomb core has sharp holes and stable structure with high strength and very light weight.

The smallest cell size of honeycomb core we can do is 4mm, cell node 2.5mm. The micro hole honeycomb core can be used for lighting fixtures. The honeycomb core is painted black and golden color is also available.


Different shapes can be made to order, such as round shapes, square shapes,triangle shapes and etc.



We can produce honeycomb core with aluminum frame. Just show us your design we will make it into reality.

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