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Aluminum Honeycomb Core

Customize 3mm-300mm Thick Aluminium Honeycomb Cores For Sandwich Panels

Customize 3mm-300mm Thick Aluminium Honeycomb Cores For Sandwich Panels

Customize 3003/5052 alloy aluminium honeycomb cores for lighting fixture and sandwich panels
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HWSTRONGER produce two types of aluminum honeycomb cores, micro hole aluminium honeycomb cores for lighting fixture use, and normal aluminum honeycomb cores for sandwich panel use. The smallest cell size we can produce is 3mm-4mm, cell side length is approx.2mm-2.5mm. Common cell size of honeycomb louver is 4mm and 5mm with foil thickness of 0.1mm-0.15mm. Honeycomb cores used for sandwich panela are customized from 3mm thickness to 300mm thickness or even more. The cell size also made to order.

Specifications of honeycomb cores:

Material used
Aluminium alloy 3003, 5052, hardness customize
Honeycomb Cell size
From 4mm to 1 inch, 25.4mm
Honeycomb thickness/height
From 3mm to 300mm
Foil thickness
Common used 0.04mm, 0.05mm, 0.06mm, customize
Expanded honeycomb core sheet size
Standard 1220x2440mm, customize size
Aluminum, black, golden
Perforation on honeycomb wall

Recommendations for use:

Common honeycomb core used for sandwich panel with thickness under 30mm, recommended cell 4-0.04mm, 5-0.05mm, 6-0.06mm (cell side length-foil thickness). For thickness more than 30mm, recommend to use larger size honeycomb core, such as 10-0.05mm.

honeycomb cores.jpg

Delivery form: Usually our honeycomb core is delivered in unexpanded slices to save shipping space and cost.

Expanded form is also available at your request.

Our honeycomb core production line:

Aluminum honeycomb manufacturing process.jpg

production process of honeycomb core.jpg


Our honeycomb core will be packed in plywood crates.

Delivery time: Common order within 15 days, peak season time order within 20 days.

To quote the price, please kindly inform your required cell size, foil thickness, size widthxlength, and thickness/height. 

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