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Aluminum Honeycomb Cores

Honeycomb Cores For Honeycomb Panels

Honeycomb Cores For Honeycomb Panels

HWSTRONGER aluminium honeycomb core is composed by multi layer aluminium foil, is a high quality industrial  grade aluminium honeycomb with foil treatment against the corrosion, which offers excellent strength and  corrosion resistance to meet a wide variety of applications....
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Honeycomb Cores for Honeycomb Panels

HWSTRONGER aluminium honeycomb core is composed by multi layer aluminium foil, is a high quality industrial 

grade aluminium honeycomb with foil treatment against the corrosion, which offers excellent strength and 

corrosion resistance to meet a wide variety of applications.

Aluminium honeycomb core is used for making aluminum honeycomb panel in large quantity. Besides, aluminum

honeycomb core are used as insert materials, such as door inside fillers, furniture board inside fillers.

HWSTRONGER aluminum honeycomb core is made from commercial alloy 3003H18 and 5052H14, we can also

make from other alloy that meet your special needs. Our aluminum honeycomb core is supplied in both expanded and unexpande form.

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HWSTRONGER aluminum honeycomb core specifications:

Aluminum alloy: AA3003, AA5052

Foil thickness:  0.03, 0.04, 0.05, 0.06, 0.07, 0.08;

Honeycomb Thickness: 3mm-300mm;

Core cell size: 3mm-30mm;

Max size: 1600x12000mm;

To get the specification list of our aluminum honeycomb core pls email us 

HWSTRONGER aluminum honeycomb core features:


 Resistant, strong in compression and shear;



 An electrical and thermal conductor

 Extremely flat;

 Corrosion resistant;

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HWSTRONGER, etablished in 2010, specialises in manufacturing aluminum honeycomb and high quality honeycomb sandwich panels. We are highly recognized by our customers due to our excellent product quality and R&D ability. Our honeycomb products are widely used in electronics, communications, machinery,  transportation and construction industries.

As one of the biggest honeycomb manufacturer in China, we are constantly promoting the production automation and improving product quality, increasing research and development abilities, to provide good products and economic solutions for various industries.

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