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Aluminum Honeycomb Cores

High Quality 3003H18/5052H14 Aluminium Honeycomb Cores

High Quality 3003H18/5052H14 Aluminium Honeycomb Cores

China top quality aluminium honeycomb cores in 3003 or 5052 alloy widely used for sandwich panels
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HWSTRONGER aluminium honeycomb core is manufactured from 3003/5052 aluminium alloy foil. The foil after glue and press form a honeycomb structure after expanded. Our aluminum honeycomb cores are in a wide range of specifications and applications. Micro hole honeycomb core is specially used for lighting industry and normall honeycomb cores are used for sandwich panel core materials or infillers for doors and furnitures.

Micro hole aluminum honeycomb core:

Honeycomb Cell side length
2.5mm, 3mm, customize
Honeycomb Cell size
4mm or 5mm
Honeycomb Height
From 3mm to 100mm
Honeycomb Wall thickness/foil thickness
0.1mm, 0.15mm
Honeycomb color
aluminum, black, golden 
Sqaure, round, framed

honeycomb louver.jpg aluminium honeycomb cores.png

Aluminium Honeycomb Core used for Sandwich Panels:

Cell size
Foil thickness
Max Size
3.0 1/5
0.04  1600x2400
0.06  1600x2200
0.08  1600x2000
0.10  1600x1800
4.0 1/4
0.04  1600x3100
0.06  1600x2400
0.08  1600x2200
0.10  1600x2000
5.0 1/3
0.04  1600x4000
0.06  1600x3000
0.08  1600x2200
0.10  1600x2000
6.0 3/8
0.04  1600x4600
0.06  1600x3200
0.08  1600x2800
0.10  1600x2400
7.5 1/2
0.04  1600x6000
0.06  1600x4000
10 3/4
0.04  1600x7500
0.06  1600x5000
12 4/5
0.04  1600x9000
0.06  1600x6000
15 1
0.04  1600x12000
0.06  1600x7500
20 1+3/8 0.04  1600x15000
0.06  1600x100000
30 2 0.04  1600x20000
0.06  1600x15000

expanded honeycomb aluminum cores.jpgaluminum honeycomb cores_副本.jpg

Features of HWSTRONGER honeycomb core:

High rigidity, high strength

Stable and good flatness

Light weight

Low thermal conductivity

Sound insulation

100% Recyclable

Wide range of applications

Applications of our honeycomb cores:

With the high strength and light weight features, aluminium honeycomb core can be used everywhere the lightweight and fireproof material is required. Such as lighting fixtures, air purifier, core materials for all kinds of sandwich panels, inside fillers for eco-doors, furniture plates. Besides, aluminum honeycomb cores are widely used for railway and transportation vehicles.

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