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Aluminum Corrugated Panels

6mm Thick Aluminium Corrugated Panels For Signage Board

3003 alloy 6mm thick aluminum corrugated panels for ceilings, signage board, wall cladding panels
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HWSTRONGER aluminum corrugated panel is a kind of sandwich panel made from aluminum corrugated core bonded with one or two aluminum sheet. The corrugated core bonded with one aluminum sheet is always used for ceilings, while the corrugated core bonded with two skins can replace the aluminum composite panels as signage board, wall decoration panels and etc.

The waved shape of aluminium corrugated core increased the bonding surface to aluminium sheet(compared with honeycomb core structure), thus has better bonding strength.

Aluminium corrugated panel without back skins for ceilings

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Aluminium corrugated panel with both skins for signage board, wall cladding.


Material of Aluminum sheetAluminum Alloy  A3003H16-H18
Thickness of the front sheet0.5mm-1.0mm, PVDF coated for exterior use, PE coated for interior use
Thickness of the back sheet0.4mm - 1.0mm, primer coating or mill finish
Material of Aluminum corrugated sheet

Aluminum Alloy  AL100H16-H18

wall thickness 0.2mm-0.3mm

Panel size4ftx8ft, 1220x2440mm, customize sizes
Panel thickness
4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 10mm, customize


1. High Bonding Stength, durable adhesion:

The corrugated core structure makes the bonding to aluminium sheet rigid and durable. The tensile strength of the panel can be up to 2Mpa.

2. Lightweight

5mm corrugated panel with both skins weighs only 4.5kg/m2.

3. 100% recyclable

4. Large size is available to save energy and installation cost.

Max. size of the corrugated panel is 1500x6000mm.

5. Fireproof.

HWSTRONGER aluminum corrugated panel is A2 fire rated according to GB8624-2012.

6. Can be processed into different shapes. The edges of the corrugated panel without rear skin can be folded into hooked shapes and to be easily installed. The edges of the corrugated panels with both skins can be sealed.

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